Employment Advice in Bristol

Employment law advice in Bristol

Those of us who offer legal advice services in Bristol, particularly in the area of employment law, deal with the following types of problem on a regular basis:

  • Employees made ill by workplace conditions, particularly excessive hours of work, bullying and breaches of contract by employers.
  • Non-payment or underpayment of wages.
  • Redudancy dismissals, which may involve consideration of the possibility of unfair dismissal claims where there is no true redundancy situation or where the selction for redundancy has not followed prescribed procedures.
  • Workers who feel that they have no alternative but to resign because the conduct of their employers has been in fundamental breach of contract. This may involve the possibility of claims for constructive dismissal.
  • Disability discrimination.
  • Age discrimination.
  • Sex discrimination.
  • Sexual orientation discrimination.
  • Race discrimination.

Common factors arising in connection with these types of problem include:

  • Emotionally distressed clients.
  • Funding problems.
  • Evidential difficulties.
  • Procedural complexities.

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