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Polly Lord

Bristol City Council announce cuts of £21 million (Dec 1st 2011)

Budget 2012 (March 23rd 2012)

Employment Law Reforms (Feb 4th 2012)

Employment Tribunals (Nov 7th 2011)

Glossary (Apr 26th, 2012)

Health and Safety Attacked (Jan 14th 2012)

Horseriding: Health and Safety (Mar 12th 2012)

Housing (Feb 4th 2012)

Key Changes in Employment Law in 2012 (Jan 5th 2012)

Mystery Jargon (Apr 19th, 2012)

Resolving Workplace Disputes (Dec 18th 2011)

The Bristol Pound (Feb 11th 2012)

The Socially Acceptable Drug User (Feb 28th 2012)

Robert Spicer

Bristol Health and Safety Prosecution (Sept 5, 2012)

Class Justice (July 13th, 2012)

Compensation Awards (May 7th, 2012)

Corporate Manslaughter (Jun 11th, 2012)

Cuba (Jun 29th 2012)

Employment Advice in Bristol (Feb 11th 2012)

Employment Law (Nov 11th 2011)

Employment Law Advice and the Iraq War (Dec 18th 2011)

Employment Law Reforms (Nov 25th 2011)

Employment Law Reforms (Jan 16th 2012)

Employment of Children: Beecroft (May 24th, 2012)

Employment Tribunal Jurisdiction (Mar 4th 2012)

Health and Safety Offences: Level of Fines (Dec 8th 2011)

Health and Safety: The Reality (Dec 22nd 2011)

Human Rights (June 18th, 2012)

Law Reform Proposals (May 11th, 2012)

Legal Aid and Charity (Jun 3rd, 2012)

Migrant Workers (Dec 1st 2011)

Migrant Workers (Jan 29th 2012)

Money and the Law (Mar 26th 2012)

Operation Relentless (Mar 3rd 2012)

Pressure to Dilute Employment Rights (23rd Feb 2012)

Public Access Barristers (Nov 15th 2011)

Queen’s Counsel (Apr 12th, 2012)

Racial Harassment (Dec 30th 2011)

Recent Awards in Discrimination Cases (Feb 17th, 2012)

Recent Bristol Health and Safety Prosecution (Feb 4th 2012)

Recent Health and Safety Fines and Prosecutions (Jan 6th 2012)

Recent Health and Safety Prosecutions (Jun 22nd, 2012)

Recent Health and Safety Prosecutions (July 7th, 2012)

Redundancy (Jan 24th 2010)

Sam Hallam (May 17th, 2012)

The Importance of Health and Safety Law (Jan 24th 2010)

The Iraq War: New Sample Chapter (May 4th 2011)

Wasted Costs in Employement Tribunals (Mar 14th 2012)